High level building maintenance

One of the benefits of using our company is that we specialise in rope access techniques to carry out high Level inspections, maintenance and repairs which is very cost effective. If the use of scaffolding is required, we use suspended scaffolding or flying scaffolding so it does not affect the daily running of the building or impose on the public highway. Using flying or suspended scaffolding is also cost effective in comparison to a tower scaffolding from ground level.

Igoe Up Ltd uses rope access techniques which enables our operatives to work safely and gain access to any high level buildings and hard to reach places. This method is used as it is rapid, efficient and has minimal impact to the public and on the structure in question. We guarantee to save you money by using our services.

High Level Building

Maintenance Services & Repairs

  • We are available to save clients time, inconvenience & money whilst increasing safety by deploying rope access techniques or various suspended scaffolding services
  • We ensure accurate survey reports produced to deadlines
  • Safety checks to structures can be carried out quickly & safely
  • Our clients get the best value for their high level painting & installation due to rope access techniques
  • High level vegetation removal services
  • Steeplejack access services
  • brickwork repairs , concrete repairs, drainage work, waterproofing, gutter cleaning, lead works, , welding , roofing cladding , power washing
  • High rise surveys & inspections
  • Banner & signage installations
  • We install, inspect & maintain high & low level building flagpoles
  • Weathervane repairs
  • Re-sealing high rise windows
  • ┬áPainting