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Drone Inspection UK

Keydrone Ltd are drone surveying experts in construction and property. We have partnered with Igoe Up Ltd, to offer steeplejack inspection and repair, coupled with drone inspection services.

This unique combination towards building inspections in the UK is invaluable in Planned Preventative Maintenance. Of both roofs and building fabric. Our distinct approach to roof repair, includes hands-on roof inspection from qualified steeplejacks, and hands-off drone surveying expertise.

Keydrone Ltd completes roof inspections across the UK, using the most advanced technology. To capture specific data for clients. Our services include gutter and eaves inspections. Chimney and roof surveys, external and internal inspections, as well as offering a regular PPM inspection periodically. To ensure your investment is regularly examined and scrutinised for defects.

A meticulous periodic review is vital to any property manager looking to manage their asset. And for the investor safeguarding their property investment.

How much does drone surveying cost? It really depends on the size of the building and the complexity of the survey. But an inspection can be from as little as £185.00. This is a substantial time and money saving alternative to traditional aerial inspection, for example using cherry pickers, and scaffolding, in addition to a surveyor. Which can easily escalate the costs into thousands of pounds. Please don’t take our word for it, research it for yourself.

We are not cliché salespeople looking for a quick buck. We foster our client relationships with authentic advice. Degree qualified in Building Surveying, and years of industry experience in surveying under RICS Guidance, we are professional photographers of 20 years. We ensure you receive the correct data analysis and appropriate service for your inspection report. Whatever your situation or circumstance. Whether you are a commercial or residential client. We can work closely with your surveyor, insurer, mortgage broker, or solicitor. All of which we have industry experience working alongside.

We complete drone instructions under the guidance and best practices laid out by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Ensuring you stay on the right side of the law. Misuse of drones can lead to imprisonment or large fines, so choose a qualified and fully insured professional like Keydrone Ltd.

Keydrone Ltd are completely transparent from the outset of what is possible in your circumstance, sometimes to our own financial detriment, as we do not take on instructions until we are completely confident of the desired outcome. If we feel our services won’t help you, we will save you the resource and money and give you the advice you are after, absolutely free of charge.

That is why we are trusted drone surveyors in the UK construction, property and hospitality industries.

Want to know more? Message us on whatsapp via our website or 07713846699, email info@keydrone.co.uk or phone for a chat today. We look forward to giving you reliable advice and help where we can.